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Spotlight on VMware Aria and Multi-Cloud Management

Responding to Multi-Cloud ‘SOS’ with a Sustainable, Observable, Secure Approach

Signals for Change – a ‘STEEP’ Hill to Climb?

When Social, Technical, Economic, Environmental, Economic and Political (STEEP) factors combine to place pressure on organisational productivity, it can lead to feelings of near-paralysis. At Storm, in partnership with VMware, our aim is to use our combined knowledge to help you address challenges that include:

Social – 56% of UK working adults believing it is important that their company buys products and services from diverse and sustainable brands. ​

Technical – Expectations of rapid AI adoption to enable reduction of power use

Environmental – 75% of organisations expected to implement sustainable datacentre infrastructure programmes by 2027,%2C%20according%20to%20Gartner%2C%20Inc. ​

Economic – Rising cost of electricity leading to greater calls to reduce datacentre power, cooling costs and physical footprint​

Political – Inter-governmental / cyber attacks on the increase, making the UK a Top 3 target

Activity on the Ground

Based on conversations with organisations responsible for some of the largest multi-cloud footprints, Tobias Lilley – Director, Multi-Cloud Management at VMware, will be speaking at our Live Demo and Q&A on 6th September 2023. In it, he’ll join our Head of Services and Solutions, Lucy Drinkwater, to share:

  • Multi-cloud governance initiatives that work
  • Sustainable application development practices that make a difference
  • How placing power in the hands of consumers can help you to achieve your goals

Answering the Call

Based on VMware’s heritage as an organisation that by its very nature has helped to reduce the carbon footprint associated with clouds for more than 20 years, you’ll also have the opportunity to understand:

  • How you can leverage existing VMware vRops assets to support your green agenda
  • What VMware Aria means for simplified and secure cloud health and cloud management
  • VMware’s future focus on addressing critical issues

Stimulating Conversation

Alongside the demonstration of VMware Aria’s capabilities and showcasing case studies and best practices, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions of both Lucy and Tobias in real-time. And, if you’d like to join in the conversation online – we highly recommend checking out their blogs which you can find links to within this newsletter, and on the LinkedIn profiles of our guest speakers.

First Steps and Funded Support

Taking the first steps towards exploring how VMware Aria can help make your multi-cloud more ‘Sustainable, Observable and Secure’ needn’t be a costly exercise. Simply sign up to the live demo and Q&A where you’ll also receive information on how to access the trial version of VMware Aria Hub for free and apply for funded a Cloud Health Assessment.

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