Turn off the light as you leave

How small changes can help organisations make a big sustainability difference

As the scorching European heatwave forces the evacuation of thousands of tourists, it serves as a stark reminder that climate change is affecting us all on a personal level. But what does this mean from a business perspective? We know that motion sensitive lights and ‘cycle to work’ schemes alone won’t cut it (though we do, of course, have both of these at Storm). So how can we make a tangible impact at data centre level?

For the Cloud Solution Architects within my team, this means an increased emphasis on helping end user customers to do two things:

  1. Optimise workloads – therefore reducing power consumption
  2. Increase visibility – allowing for better planning, which feeds into point 1!

At Storm, we’ve witnessed an increase in the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) requirements associated with cloud infrastructure tenders, from c.5-10% in 2020 to double digits as standard. We’re delighted that by working with organisations like VMware, we’re able to deliver on every request.

Do you see what I see?

From where I’m sat, I can see into the Storm data centre. I know it’s got aircon, lighting, uninterruptable power supplies, and that we’re working to make it as sustainable as possible (check out Nick Umney’s post for more on that). If we want to make a change, it’s fairly straightforward. But how do you control the sustainability credentials of your environment when you can’t see it?

Introducing VMware Aria

We have collaborated with VMware for many years and share a common commitment to sustainability. VMware’s legacy of environmental impact spans over two decades of helping organisations reduce their carbon footprints.

Nowadays, IT managers need simplicity and efficiency, and VMware Aria delivers exactly that. It provides a holistic view of spending, resource allocation, and usage across various cloud environments, enabling users to optimise operations and make informed decisions. It’s hard to reach a goal without monitoring progress, so the VMware Green Score enables organisations to track their progress throughout their decarbonisation journeys. With Aria, businesses gain a new perspective on multi-cloud management, ensuring cost-effectiveness, performance optimisation, and seamless application delivery.

A lightbulb moment

For those of you that followed the story of the school that couldn’t turn off its energy-saving lights you’ll understand why it’s vital that any solution designed to save energy needs to be configured correctly. And it’s for this reason that I’m delighted Tobias Lilley, Multi-Cloud Management Director at VMware has agreed to join me in hosting a live webinar and Q&A on how VMware Aria can help organisations confidently take control of seemingly overwhelming challenges.

From SOS to “yes!”

Just as we turn the lights off at home to minimise our environmental impact, we need to extend the same commitment to our business practices. VMware Aria promises to help organisations that are looking for a clear path to achieving their datacentre sustainability goals. Together, let’s take action and be part of the positive change needed to create an eco-friendlier world, both personally and professionally, with the support of VMware Aria.

To join Tobias and me, sign up for the live webinar and Q&A on 6th September 2023 here.

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