How to respond to the SOS of multi-cloud management in a cool, calm, collected way

With predictions that 75% of organisations will have implemented a datacentre infrastructure sustainability programme by 2027 (an enormous leap from just 5% in 2022)1, the UK maintaining a position as a Top 3 target for Cyber Attacks2 and pressure from shareholders to adopt the power-saving benefits of AI3, now is a challenging time for teams and individuals involved in running multi-cloud environments.

Don’t panic

When global and national social, technical, economic and political issues are all clamouring for your attention,  it can feel like a never ending ‘SOS’ signal that inhibits your ability to act. So what can you do to bring about a sense of relative calm and a rational approach? At Storm, we place our emphasis in a couple of areas:

  1. Implementing measures early, being visibly accountable and acting as our own ‘proof-of-concept’ – see our ESG commitments for more in this area
  2. Partnering closely with key vendors such as VMware to bring the most relevant information to the fore – bringing us neatly to an exciting announcement!

In the latest in our series of live demos and Q&A sessions, we’re delighted to confirm that our guest speaker is Tobias Lilley – Director, Multi-Cloud Management at VMware.

When ‘SOS’ means Sustainable, Observable, Secure

Taking place on 6th September, our Sustainable, Observable, Secure session will give you the benefit of hearing from Lucy Drinkwater – Head of Services and Solutions at Storm in conversation with Tobias as they explore how VMware Aria can help organisations to: 

  • Control cloud spend 
  • Maximise efficiency
  • Manage risk
  • Accelerate agility

Alongside seeing the new capabilities that VMware Aria has to offer in multi-cloud management, you’ll also learn some insider-tips from Tobias on Green Scorecard capabilities within the existing VMware suite that you can use today.

Reducing carbon for commercial growth

We’ll also be opening up the floor to your questions and sharing some best practices and case studies which demonstrate it’s possible to track, manage and reduce multi-cloud related carbon emissions without restricting potential growth.

Breaking down the cost barrier

Given the financial challenges that all organisations and individuals are facing today, we’ll also be providing attendees with the ability to access the free tier of VMware Aria Hub and to be considered for a funded Cloud Health Assessment which provides tailored recommendations and analysis on utilisation, configuration and public cloud migration costs.

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To register your interest and attendance visit and get ready to respond to multi-cloud management challenges in a cool, calm, collected way.






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